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Egyptian EYE OF HORUS Ring - Domestic Platypus

Egyptian EYE OF HORUS Ring

$ 64.95

In Egyptian mythology, Horus was the Egyptian warrior God whose eyes were thought to be the sun and moon. The symbol is also called the Eye of Ra ( Eye of Re ). Ra was God of the sun and his eye was also thought to be the manifestation of that heavenly orb.

Each ring is individually handcrafted in sterling silver and measures approximately 20.6 mm (0.81") long, 17mm (0.67") wide and 1.8mm (0.07") thick. The band measures approximately 4 mm (0.16") wide. The ring weighs approximately 7.9 grams though weight will vary slightly by size.

This ring is cast-to-order, please allow up to 5-7 business days for production or feel free to contact us for on hand availability and anticipated timing for shipment.

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