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EER Solar Powered Fob Watch, Alchemy Gothic

$ 160.00

The second and even more technologically advanced timepiece from the Rosenstein series. This watch features an alchemically etched brass turbine housed beneath a slatted pewter face-plate. When in sunlight, you’ll find that the turbine blades actually rotate, which is what generates the necessary energy. If you don’t have ample sunlight available, you can crank the turbine yourself to keep it going. 

Also features a battery powered quartz movement and magnetic-fastening hatch, beneath which is a white 24mm uniquely designed watch face that is inset with calibration (including an ominous red zone) labeled "temporal decay index" and "galvanic scale." Made of Fine English Pewter in Sheffield, England. Vault-like trimmings & wrapped copper wiring complete the "far beyond a mere mortal fob watch" look. 

Measures roughly 2" (56mm) wide and 3" (75mm) tall including fob at top. Watch face is 1 1/2" (30mm) wide.

Genuine Alchemy of England product. Brand New with COA & Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee

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