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DRESDEN FILES Bob The Skull Earrings, 3D Sterling Silver

$ 110.00

Bob the Skull is a smart-mouthed spirit entity living in a skull who has been in the possession of powerful wizards since the dark ages and his personality adapts to suit his current owner. Currently Harry Dresden has Bob's skull and so Bob assists Harry with making potions, preparing difficult rituals, or providing useful information - as long as Harry pays him with a spicy romance novel or some free time out of the skull. Bob's essence is visible as an warm orange light, which often fills the eye sockets of his skull. The rarely seen "Evil Bob", the personality Bob took on while owned by Heinrich Kemmler , appears as a cold blue light and lacks "Good Bob's" sense of humor.

These dangle style Bob the Skull earrings are sterling silver. The skulls are three-dimensional and finished on all sides. The inside of the skull is carved out, like an actual skull. The surface of the skull is engraved with magical symbols and runes. The bottom of the skull is stamped with STER (sterling),  makers mark &  copyright.  Bob measures 17.5 mm tall from bail to chin, 7.9 mm wide, 12.7 mm at the thickest point and weighs 4.3 grams.

Available with your choice of orange cubic zirconia (Good Bob), blue cubic zirconia (Evil Bob), or one of each.

Officially licensed Dresden Files jewelry. Sent in jewelers box with card of authenticity.  Typically shipped in 3-5 business days from within the USA.

"The Dresden Files", and the characters and places therein are copyrights of Jim Butcher, Imaginary Empire LLC, c/o Donald Maass Literary Agency.  All Rights Reserved.

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