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Dragonmaster Steel Fashion Cane, Classic Dragon Claw & Glass Sphere-Standard (jointed shaft)-

Dragonmaster Steel Fashion Cane

$ 79.95 $ 195.00

High quality fashion cane / walking stick with classic Japanese dragon claw and crystal ball handle. Steel shaft cane with alloy metal grip and rubber tip.

The three clawed toes of a Japanese dragon grasping an orb is a classic symbol representing the great beast's power and mastery over heaven and earth. Gripping this sturdy cane, the smooth crystal ball rotating beneath the palm of your hand, provides balance and guidance with every step and the feeling that the same mastery is within your own grasp.

Measures approximately 36.6 inches / 93cm long but can be customized by request (if desired, please contact us prior to purchase as costs may vary). The handle is detachable and the bottom has anti-slip rubber foot. This item is intended as a fashion accessory and not as replacement for a walking aid or use as a medical device.

The Standard Version has two connecting joints along the shaft. This allows the cane to be disassembled for easy transport and storage. However, the joints also make it somewhat weaker and mean that the assembled shaft might not be perfectly straight.

The Deluxe Version has a continuous steel shaft without joints making it sturdier and stronger overall.

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