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Double Training Bamboo Shinai Sword Set Sheath Combo

$ 92.00


These swords are weapons used for practice and competition in Kendo representing a Japanese sword. The shinai was developed in an effort to reduce the number of practitioners being seriously injured during practice. These shinai swords are constructed of thick sheaves of bamboo tied together which are great for sparring and training. The shinai includes a thick plastic guard and securing ring. What makes this set so great is that it comes with a double back sheath. This sheath is constructed out of polyurethane and is adjustable. Able to carry both swords at one time with ease, how could you ask for more?



Shinai Material: Bamboo
Shinai Length: 44 inch
Quantity: Set of Two Shinais
Sheath Material: Nylon
Sheath Includes: Two Adjustable Back Straps and Adjustable

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