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Damascus Handmade Hunt For Life™ Supreme Quality Bearded Axe

$ 137.00


This stunning axe was hand crafted with high quality materials. A sheesham handle with an antique pecan finish has been sealed to protect against the elements. The head comes in a bearded style and sharp. This particular style was popular with the Scandinavians during battle. It allowed the wielder to pull weapons out of the defender's grasp, or to pull down a shield to allow another attacker to strike at the unprotected adversary. This axe is not just a battle weapon but it can also be used to aid in field dressing game or chopping wood. The head is custom made from Damascus steel with a Rockwell rating of HRC 58 to 60. It has an impressive random pattern with 520 true layers and is made from 1095/15n20 alloy steel. Damascus is world renowned for its beauty and strength. The poll has a slight curve but rock solid for hammering in tent stakes. This axe comes with its very own sheath made from thick genuine leather and includes a belt loop. The leather has been tanned, stained with a Merlot finish, and treated. It has been tooled and features the Hunt For Life™ logo. This handmade axe is supreme quality from tip to end.



Overall Length: 20 Inches
Axe Head Width: 7.25 Inches
Blade Length: 5.75 Inches
520 True Blade Layers
Include: Genuine Leather Sheath with Belt Loop

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