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Damascus Blood Frenzy Functional Viking Sword

$ 250.00


The Vikings were fierce and ferocious in battle and feared no man but more dangerous than them were elite groups called Berserkers. These men would fight in a trance-like fury and could not tell from friend or foe. Whoever got in their way was struck down instantly. They favored bladed weapons, with the ability to gore, slice and cut, possibly considered in their eyes to be the weapons most suitable to end a fight quickly, and effectively. The sword was the primary weapon for these Heathen Devils as the church called them. At least the ones who could afford it; they were easy to wield, easy to carry in all situations, and effective in combat. Berserkers were superb warriors that were admired throughout Norse history. Wielding a weapon such as this in your trance state with its sharp Damascus blade would have gained you immediate victory. This blade is hand forged with Damascus made from1095/15n20 Alloy Steel. There are 176 blade layers that have been tempered around 54 to 55. The twist design is absolutely stunning. As you know Damascus steel is almost as famous as the Berserkers themselves. The super sharp blade will make quick work on the battle field cutting down your opponents. The guard and peened pommel are both made from real brass. Leather wraps a wooden handle for comfort. Included is a handmade leather back sheath for carrying your sword with you. This blade is battle ready and thirsty for action. Embrace the fury.



Length: 41.50 Inches Overall; Handle: 9.88 Inches
Damascus Steel Blade: Hand Forged 176 Layers, 300-350 Folds, 54-55 Temper, 1095/15n20 Alloy Steel
Blade Dimensions: 31.62 Inches Long, 5.5 mm Thick, 1.82 Inches Wide
Handle Material: Wood, Brass, Leather Wrap
Includes: 7.75 Inch Brass Guard, Peened Pommel and Handmade Leather Sheath

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