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Crusader 16G Pot Helmet with Templar Face Guard

$ 136.00


This 12th Century Crusader Pot helmet is constructed from 16 gauge mild steel that has been polished and riveted together. Long thin eyelets are provided to protect the Knight’s eyes in battle. The face guard reaches below the chin with a two Templar cross design for air holes. The interior is lined with padded cotton suspension lining; it can be adjusted to best fit the head with a leather lace. You can adjust the leather chinstrap to fit with the decorative brass buckle. This battle ready helmet can be used in medieval re-enactments, SCA tournaments, or theater.



Overall Length: 12 Inches; Width: 7.78 Inches
Circumference: 26 Inches
Eyehole Dimensions: .34 x 4 Inches
Face Guard Size: 7x7.75 Inches (From Eyelets down)
Material: 16 Gauge Steel, Leather, Canvas, Cotton, Brass

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