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Bigfoot Kick x Goodr Creamsicle Heist Sunglasses

$ 25.00

It’s well-known creamsicles are Bigfoot’s favorite snack. So if your workout routine is in a rut, go full rebel and steal one of those luscious pops from his stash and haul booty double time. You’ll blaze personal records quick-fast thanks to our sound advice and proven methods. Throw on some Goodr x BFK sunglasses while you’re at it and you’ll be stunting for the finish line paparazzi too. 

Designed to look good and fit comfy for any physical activity. They won’t smack your forehead or slide down your nose - so you won’t have to keep pushing them up like a 78-year-old librarian lady whether your biking on a bumpy trail or running from a Bigfoot. 

  • Perfect for hauling tail, flipping tires, chopping trees, and outdoor mosh pits 
  • Blue frame with orange arms (no spray tan though)
  • BFK logo etched in lens
  • Rebellious Adventure featured inside sunglass arm
  • No-slip, no bounce, all polarized 
  • Scratch-resistant lenses

Shipped from the USA.

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