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Crazy Cat Lady Boardgame

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There's no such thing as too many cats!

The Crazy Cat lady needs to run some errands, but she can't avoid running into some "needy" cats. She may visit the Pet Store, Supermarket, or the Animal Shelter, but wherever she goes, there are always cats & more cats.

Gain more cats by landing on spaces like "Save a Cat Stuck in a Tree" and "Rescue Grumpy Old Cat From Pound." But watch out for spaces that take cats from you like "Beware of Dog" and "Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff." Fantastic feline fun for the whole family!

Brand New, factory sealed in fully illustrated box. 2-4 Players. Ages 8+ due to small parts. Includes game board with spinner, 4 game pieces/tokens, 50 plastic cats & 4 wildcat cards.

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