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Cotton Padding Collar Armor Medieval Garment White

$ 57.00


Padded garments like this Cotton Collar are worn underneath metal and chain mail armor. It improves the absorption of impact and reinforces coverage. In medieval times, padding would be stuffed with rags and straw. This armor padding is made of 100% cotton and uses compressed and layered cotton padding. Some people also wear this Cotton Padded Garment in jousting and other practice. Cotton Padded Garments are a necessity for any armor bearing warrior. This unit features hard, durable stitching and a thick, layered trim piece. 4 Inches of cotton padding protect the neck. Leather armor supports are located on the shoulders. An adjustable strap fits adult sizes. The color is accurately described as "ecru" and resembles a white or beige.



Overall Length: 21 Inches
Height: 14.5 Inches
Material: Heavy Padded Cotton
Features: Shock Absorption, Comfortable
Colors: Ecru (White)

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