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Colludiani Coffee Mugs

Colludiani Coffee Mugs

$ 12.95

Colludiani... The Mussolini of Manhattan, the ghoul of Wall Street, Amerikkka's Mayor and strong contender for World's Worst Lawyer... Rudolph 'Lying Rudy' Giuliani A legal mind so great that he can't help but defeat his own arguments, with lips so loose that no retainer can restrain him. A bumbling buffoon of a legal representative melting in existential horror on live television as he watches his epitaph "He Lied for Trump" slowly being carved before his own eyes.

Premium quality 11oz or 15oz mug made of durable ceramic. Microwave safe. Hand washing recommended to prevent fading.

These mugs are made-to-order and typically ship in 2-3 business days from within the US.

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