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Cavalier Plate Armor Bracers

$ 98.00


Our Cavalier Plate Armor Bracers go with a large range of medieval ensembles; they're formed smoothly, hinged and lined with leather including leather straps. Straps on the inner arm adjust so it will fit just about anyone. They feature a smooth steel finish with small studs along the top and bottom edges. The Steel Arm Bracers are crafted from 16 gauge steel and are sold as a pair. These bracers are great for Medieval Fairs, LARP events and most other Re-enactments. Steel arm bracers are not just for protecting your arms. They can also go a long way towards making you look that much more awesome when you are in costume.



Total Length: 10.75 Inches
Inner Arm Length: 6 Inches
Total Width: 3.5- 4.25 Inches
Sizing: Adjustable- One Size Fits Most
Material: 16g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled Sold as a Set

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