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Blue Phoenix Damascus Steel Katana

$ 252.00


Unleash the power of the Blue Phoenix with this stunning Damascus steel katana. The hand-forged blade features mesmerizing blue and red patterns, ensuring each sword is a unique masterpiece. Housed in a striking deep blue scabbard, the sword boasts a matching guard and handle, adding a touch of elegance to its formidable presence. The razor-sharp blade is ready for action right out of the box, and the deep blue metal guard showcases the majestic Phoenix, symbolizing strength and rebirth. Elevate your collection with this masterpiece, where artistry meets functionality.



Hand-forged blue and red Damascus steel blade.
Unique Phoenix design on the deep blue metal guard.
Razor-sharp edge for immediate use.
Striking deep blue scabbard with matching handle.
Total length of 41 inches with a hardened 28.5-inch blade.

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