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Blackened Chainmail Bishops Mantle Collar Armor

$ 61.00


The traditional use of a Chainmail bishop's mantle is as armor that protects the neck, shoulders, and upper chest from blades. Chainmail will protect against an edge of a weapon, however padding should be worn underneath for additional protection. This piece has a brown leather collar with adjustable leather straps and brass buckles. The rings are round butted blackened mild steel that is 10mm and 16 gauge. Medieval Chainmail Armor is a must have for medieval lovers. It is perfect for Renaissance festivals or even display or cosplay and costumes.



Construction: 16 Gauge Zinc Plated Blackened Mild Steel
Ring Size & Pattern: 10mm, Round, Butted
Width: 6.50 Inches
Diameter: 5.75 Inches
Overall Length: 26 Inches, 21 Inches Max. When Closed

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