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Domestic Platypus-Black Dragon Leather Coinpurse and Metal Coins (50) for DND RPG COSPLAY-RPG Accessory-[meta description]

Black Dragon Coinpurse and Coins

$ 34.00 $ 45.00

A small fraction of a dragon's horde, a relic from a dragonslayer's victory or local currency within a dragon worshipping culture... Whatever your quest, this textured leather pouch with dragon's eye (random color) and 50 metal coins are sure to enhance your gameplay experience. 

The tokens in this set are made of golden alloy metal embossed with a dragon on one side and Norse compass on the reverse. Each is 25mm (slightly smaller than a quarter) and 2mm thick. They feel like real coins and make a perfect addition to your D&D, other RPG campaigns, LARPs or cosplay outfit.

Free shipping from abroad and typically arrive in about 2-3 weeks. Coin Purse eye color varies and is random.

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