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Bibb Home Weighted Blanket with Reversible Removable Cover

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Have a sound sleep with the help of a Bibb Home weighted blanket. Our collection of weighted blankets in different sizes and weights allows the user to choose the just-right blanket to improve the quality of the sleep in a natural way. Let the gentle pressure of the blankets wrap you as if being hugged and enjoy sweet dreams with our weighted blankets. Available in 2 sizes and 3 weights this weighted blanket is made of ultra-fine ground material with a removable 100% mink cover which is super soft and smooth. These materials have been carefully picked because they are skin-friendly truly soft and breathable allowing you to use the weighted blanket all year round if needed. 2 Piece Set: Weighted Blanket and Duvet Cover One of the greatest advantages of this weighted blanket is its removable 2-layer design. By detaching the cover from the blanket itself you will be able to use it throughout the year. We recommend to use the blanket and the cover together during the cold months of autumn and winter and remove it during spring and summer. The cover has a concealed zipper and incorporates corner ties to attach it and remove it easily and to prevent clumping



  • Removable Reversible cover: 180 GSM micro Mink/100% Microfiber
  • Weighted blanket: inner layer 100% ultra fine microfiber/100% Glass beads

Weight evenly distributed
The weighted blanket has 6" x 6" squares cells that ensure an even distribution of the weight on the blanket. Each of the cells has inside small glass beads to add the weight. The new sewing technology used to sew the cells reduces the leakage and transfer of beads from one cell to another.

Glass beads filling
Inside each of the square cells of the blanket there are 0.8mm glass beads. The glass beads are odorless non-toxic and they are the responsible to increase the weight of this blanket to add gentle pressure around the body just like the feeling of getting a hug.

Corner Ties
Both the inner blanket and the outer cover have corner ribbons and straps that tie both of them together. This ensures the inner blanket doesn't move out of tandem with the cover.

Hidden Zipper
Besides the straps to secure the cover with the blanket the cover features a hidden zipper. The zipper allows you to easily insert and remove the blanket when needed

Quality Sewing
This weighted blanket uses premium quality sewing. The technology behind the sewing process ensures a more precise and long lasting stitching results for a longer lifespan of this blanket.

Please note:

  • Pregnant women babies under 5 years old and people who can't move the weighted blanket themselves are prohibited to use them.
  • A weighted blanket should be smaller than your regular bed blankets because it is made to cover your body not the whole bed. This is why the twin/queen/king sizes of weighed blankets are smaller than the mattress (see size chart).
  • Weighted Blankets should never go past the shoulders and should never cover the head.


30 Day Warranty





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