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Belly Dancing Mystical Scimitar of Balance Sword

$ 115.00


Sword dancing has long been a great art for many cultures. Sword dances in China are called the jian wu. There is the Scottish or Highland sword dance and the Hilt and Point European sword dance, and last but not least the Belly Dancers that incorporate swords in their performances. If you are a Belly Dancer and you are looking to spruce up your act you must try this lovely sword. This sword is 31.50 inches from tip to tip. The handle is wooden with faux leather that has been a wire wrapped to match the guard. Lovely floral vines and accents adorn both the handle and pommel. In traditional scimitar style the blade is slightly curved and constructed of carbon steel. This perfectly balanced scimitar with a golden hilt will surely mesmerize your audience and well as those dancing hips. So get out there girl and show them what you got!



Overall Length: 31.50 Inches; Handle: 6.75 Inches
Blade Length: 24.75 Inches
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Wooden, Faux Leather, Wire
Guard Length: 7.25 inches

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