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Baphomet Pentacle Necklace, Alchemy Gothic

Baphomet Pentacle Necklace, Alchemy Gothic

$ 27.00

Framed upon the occultist's pentagram, Eliphas Levi's portrait and representation of the dualist, goat-headed deity symbolizing the balance in everything, and notoriously known as the heretical subject of worship of the Knights Templar, in 1307 leading to their persecution and ultimately, their Friday 13th downfall.

Handcrafted in the UK of antiqued and blackened, lead-free Fine English Pewter. The pentacle and goat head pendant measures approximately 2.01 x 1.93 inch an 0.51 inch deep on 21 inch chain.

Hand-Crafted in England of lead-free, Fine English Pewter. This item typically ships in 1-2 business days from within the US.

Genuine Alchemy Gothic Product -- Brand New with Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee

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