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Austere Renaissance Army Gorget

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Why take risks in battle when you can wear a functional steel gorget to block potential blows that might come hurtling towards your neck? Being fully functional, our Austere Renaissance Army Gorget, is fantastic for SCA events as well as LARP battles and medieval fairs. This armor fits just about any period for any character. The gorget has a strap and buckle on each side and also has a ring on each shoulder to attach pauldrons. Renaissance gorgets were large pieces of armor extending down over the chest, protecting it and the heart. These were not worn with a breastplate as part of a full set of armor but instead were worn over clothing.



Length: 7 Inches (Front neckline to point), 5 Inches (Back neckline to point)
Width: 12.5 Inches (Front), 12.25 Inches (Back)
Material: 18 Gauge Steel
Features: Adjustable Genuine Leather Straps

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