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Domestic Platypus-Apple II Shaped Light Up MX Keycap for Mechanical Keyboards-Keycap-[meta description]

Apple II Shaped Light Up Keycap

$ 24.95

This MX mechanical keyboard key cap set fits over your escape and left tab keys and is designed to look like a miniature Apple II computer. The model is complete with illuminated screen (light provided by your keyboard's backlighting) featuring interchangeable designs. A fun, unique way to celebrate the true classic that paved the way for everything since!

Free shipping from abroad with average delivery to the USA in 2-3 weeks.

Set Contains:
One Apple II Escape Key Keycap 
Five Interchangeable Transparent Screens
One Tab Keycap with Mouse Shape and Removable Keyboard

** Please Note: Fits only MX style keyboards. Although in modern times the computing power of the original is contained in plenty of similarly scaled devices, this not a functional computer, just a model. Light effect provided by your keyboard's existing backlighting. Item does not light up independently.

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