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Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner

$ 7.95

Brand new Angry Mama microwave steam cleaner.

Ideal for both home and office. Angry Mama lifts grease and loosens crud in just 7 minutes making for a much faster and easier clean.

Angry Mama stands approximately 5.5 inches tall and is dishwasher safe. When not being used to clean the microwave, she can also help deodorize your fridge!

To clean the microwave simply twist to remove hair, fill with equal parts water and vinegar (a few drops of lemon extract can be added for extra freshness) and microwave for approximately 7 minutes on high. Steam rising from her head indicates that she's hard at work cleaning up after you or your coworkers. When the steam stops she's done.

Doubles as a fridge deodorizer – simply fill Angry Mama with your preferred powdered fridge deodorant, baking soda, essential oils or activated charcoal and let her hang out in your fridge.

This item typically ships in 2-3 business days. Ships from abroad, please allow an additional week or two for delivery.

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