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Angel White and Demon Black Sigil Rings - Domestic Platypus

Angel White and Demon Black Sigil Rings

$ 54.95

Alchemy Gothic 'Demon Black & Angel White' Sigil Rings

A pair of pewter band rings, each ¼" wide, one antiqued pewter and the other antiqued black, each inscribed with the symbols of seven angels which can be rotated to align angels.

The silver ring bears engraved sigils of the seven traditional Archangels, or Planetary Angels; Michael, Gabriel, Camael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael and Cassiel. Inside is engraved DUCITUR PER ANGELOS, ‘Guided by Angels’.

The black ring bears the raised sigils of seven Medieval spirits or angels, variously acclaimed ‘demon’ status by past mystics; Dagon, Azervial, Adatiel, Cassiel, Camriel, Adnachiel and Anael. Inside this is engraved TENTATUS A DAEMONIBUS, ‘TEMPTED BY DEMONS’.

Turn the rings and aligning the spirit’s signatures so that they ‘correspond’, to summon their combined assistance and achieve a powerful range of objectives.

Sold as a pair. Each ring is hand crafted in England of lead-free, fine English Pewter
Approximate dimensions based on US size 9/T: 0.94" x 0.94" x .28" (24 x 24 x 7mm)

 Genuine Alchemy Gothic Products -- Brand New with Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee

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