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American Cowboy Leather Cattle Bullwhip

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Bullwhips were tools used to control livestock in open country. This was done by cracking the whip. This happens when a section of the whip moves faster than the speed of sound creating a small sonic boom. It is important to note that cattle were seldom struck by the whips but were controlled by the sound of the cracking of the whip beside their heads. In the Carolinas and Florida cowboys got their distinctive name, crackers, after the sound of the bullwhip that was used to manage cattle. This whip is constructed of genuine leather for long last use. A bullwhip consists of a handle section, a thong, a fall, and a cracker. A wrist loop may also be present, although its chief purpose is for hanging one's whip on a hook. Aesthetically, it finishes the handle.



Overall Length: 6 ft
Material: Black Leather

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