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Alien Skull Costume Link Bracelet

$ 6.00

Want a fashion accessory that looks like a war trophy from an epic battle with a horde of tiny humanoid aliens? Look no further!

This unique bracelet features a link chain made of small elongated skulls. This costume accessory offers a sci-fi twist on the macabre.... not only signaling your belief that they're out there but that if they're tiny and hostile, you're ready for battle....

One size fits most. Copper and alloy metal construction. Tension mount clasp.

Please keep in mind that this is more of a costume piece and made of more inexpensive materials than most jewelry we offer. As such, the exterior finish is more prone to wear and tear. The base material is a copper material that can cause skin discoloration if exposed to sweat. If desired you can further protect the piece, finish, etc. by coating it with a clear protective spray.

This item ships from abroad and typically arrives within a month.

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