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Wolf Macht Faux Stretcher Earring, Alchemy Gothic

$ 24.00

Alchemy Gothic Wolf Macht Faux Stretcher Earring

From the Saxon and Viking raiders of the Dark Ages to underworld, nocturnal revenants of latter-day, the symbol of power from the wolf's fang is understood by all.

A very convincing fake ear stretcher dedicated to theses creature of the night!

An antiqued and black pewter, faux-stretcher effect stud-piercing in the form of a black wolf's claw one side and a miniature wolf's head mounted the other.

Sold singularly - Hand crafted of lead-free, fine English pewter with stainless steel post. Measures approximately 0.5 x 0.2 inches and 1.5 inch long.

Genuine Alchemy Product -- Brand New with Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee.

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