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Triple Goddess Watch, Alchemy Gothic

$ 78.95

Alchemy Gothic's Triple Goddess Wristwatch

Time, the cycles of life and the heavens are inextricably linked for eternity. The Triple Goddess of Wicca presides; the face of time is the Mother, the full moon, with the crystal-studded waxing and waning crescents symbolizing the Maiden and the Crone.

A stunningly witchy time piece perfect for any occasion!

A chain wristwatch in the form of the triple moon, with the moon's crescents each set with three clear Austrian crystals. Inset with a 20mm diameter watch face with quartz crystal movements.

Genuine Alchemy product, crafted in the UK of Fine English Pewter. Brand new in box with COA and Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee. Measures approximately 2.01 x 1.06 inches and 0.31 inch deep.

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