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Belle Epoch Absinthe Glass, Alchemy Gothic

$ 54.00

Join the bohemian, Parisian elite and indulge yourself with the green fairy.

A period classic, continental 380ml stemmed glass for the traditional enjoyment of a long absinthe; the infusion of a cube of sugar through the absinthe spoon with ice-cold water, turning the spirit into a magical, milky green elixir.

Hand blown glass with wormwood leaf absinthe badge set with Austrian crystals.
An elegant drinking vessel for a magical elixir.

Refined, traditional vessels designed to compliment & enhance your absinthe experience.
Being hand-blown, minor flaws & irregularities in the glass are normal and add to the character of the glass.

Measures ~180mm (7.09") Tall & 76mm (2.99") wide with a diameter of ~82mm (3.23") and weighs about 9.4oz. Hand Crafted in the UK of hand-blown glass and lead-free, Fine English Pewter inset with Austrian crystals.

Brand New in box with care instructions and Alchemy Lifetime Guarantee.

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