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Viking Saga Traditional Wooden Battle Axe

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In Viking sagas, some say there were Vikings that threw their axes at their opponents, but mostly these were retaliations after having been hurt in an attack; whether relation or not an axe to the back or head was surely effective in my opinion. Taking the style of a traditional battle axe the axe here is made from forged iron steel with a darkened finish.  The handle is constructed of wood that has been contoured, stained, and sealed.  The end features a lanyard hole to strap it to your pack.  Most Viking axes that have been found in excavations are single bladed and look like normal wood chopping axes. If you are looking for a fully functional camp axe or a costume piece this axe will do the job and you will be happy you chose it.



Overall: Length: 20.50 Inches, Width: 1.38 Inches
Blade: Length: 4.77 Inches, Material: Forged Iron Steel, Thickness: 11.73mm
Head Length: 7.05 Inches
Handle: Length: 18.62 Inches, Width: 2 Inches
Handle: Material: Wood, Thickness: 1.13 Inch

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