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BRUCE LEE Dragon Style Black Foam Training Nunchucks

$ 23.00


Unleash the power of controlled strength with these Bruce Lee Dragon Style Black Foam Training Nunchucks. These nunchucks feature black foam handles connected by a robust steel chain. The iconic image of Bruce Lee, rendered in gold, graces both handles, capturing the essence of legendary martial arts mastery. Spinning posts on the chain attachments provide a full range of movement for dynamic and fluid practice sessions. Whether you're a dedicated practitioner or a professional, the Dragon Style Nunchaku are tailored for both practice and performance. The foam padding on the handles ensures a softer impact during sparring, allowing you to refine your technique with precision.



• Iconic Bruce Lee Design: Gold-embellished handles feature Bruce Lee's image, paying homage to the legendary martial artist.
• Durable Steel Chain: A sturdy steel chain connects the foam handles, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.
• Spinning Chain Attachments: Innovative spinning posts on the chain attachments allow a full range of movement for dynamic practice.
• Versatile Practice: Ideal for both practice and professional use, catering to practitioners at all skill levels.
•Foam Padding for Comfort: The foam-padded handles soften blows during sparring, enhancing comfort and safety.

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