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Please Mister Jailer Iron Dungeon Skeleton Keys

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Please Mister Jailer use our Iron Dungeon Skeleton Keys to let a man go free! Or maybe we should lock him away for good; either way these keys are sure to please! The ancient Romans came up with metal pin-tumbler locks, using keys of bronze, iron, or precious metals. A Roman key would be inserted through the door, where it would lift metal pins and move the beam aside. The Romans also invented the concept of wards, or obstructions, that a key must pass by to work. A skeleton key is a specific type of bit or barrel key designed to pass the wards of many different locks. In other words, it is able to unlock more than one door. This set of keys would be great for artists, jewelry designers, decorators, altered art, steampunk art, recycled metal sculpture. Add vintage charm to your home or office with these as a conversation piece or as a paperweight. These Keys are Great Pirate Ship Jail Decor- put them in your bar, use them for a prop, or just hang in an antique setting.



Shortest Key: 3 Inches Longest Key: 6 Inches
Diameter of Key Ring: 3.5 Inches
Quantity: Set of 5 Keys with a Key Ring
Material: Forged Iron
Design: Skeleton Keys

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